SLAMD Distributed
Load Generation Engine
Version 2.0.1

SLAMD is an open source project created by Neil Wilson while he was employed by Sun Microsystems, Inc. SLAMD is a great tool used by many in the directory services community for the purpose of conducting directory services benchmarks and performance analysis of a given target directory services platform. When Neil and others were let go from Sun Microsystems, Inc. as part of Sun's many broad sweeping reductions in force, development on this project ceased. Neil graciously continued to host SLAMD on for several years. But then he allowed the domain to expire and SLAMD disapeared from the Internet landscape. Several in the directory services community noticed and responded by ressurecting the code and documentation on this web site. Neil also graciously for a season hosted the bits on However, unfortunately, SLAMD has been withdrawn once again by UnboundID from the public directory services community.

SLAMD appears to be receiving ongoing development but only for proprietary use and presumably for proprietary advantage. Consequently, if you plan to do any performance analysis with SLAMD, version 2.0.1 should be considered the defacto standard since it is the last un-biased version available for fairly evaluating directory services performance.

The files associated with the most recent 2.0.1 release and some great documentation resources from version 1.8.1 are provided on for the benefit of the directory services community.

The SLAMD version 1.8.x documentation included great resources worth preserving. Toward that end, I have reposed the following for everyone's reference.